9 tips to start running when you hate it (realistic)

Visit to learn more about the Bose Sport Open Earbuds! I used to HATE running. The thought of having to keep track of how many miles, or how fast I was going…. ugh NO. I’ve always preferred dance-like cardio workouts but I would do ANYTHING to avoid running, which even meant choosing burpees and HIIT […]

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Today I’m answering YOUR questions on creative careers. The number one most asked question was: how to start your creative career. But we received so many I’m thinking about turning this into a series. SUBSCRIBE: HELP ME TRANSLATE THIS VIDEO: ———- OTHER PLACES TO FIND ME: Twitter: @ingridnilsen Instagram: @ingridnilsen Facebook: heyingridnilsen ———- MISSED MY […]

10 Healthy Habits To START IN 2020 !!

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How to start a healthy lifestyle// MY STARTER KIT

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