How i lost 18kgs as a Teenager without Gym | Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers | Somya Luhadia

Hello Everyone today i am up with a new video on my weight loss journey as a teenager , how i lost 18kgs as a teenager, in this video i am sharing my weight loss tips that can help you lose weight at home ! I hope you will find it useful:) source

One Exercise For Full body Workout at home | No Gym Required | 7 Days Challenge | Somya Luhadia

Hello everyone today i am up with one exercise for full body fat loss at home , its designed to give you best results without gym at home ! #fitweekwithsomi Looking For Full body transformation at home with Register her : I hope you will find it useful Lots of love Somya❤️❤️ source


Today’s best at home workout programs give you access to world-class training and health and fitness expertise from the comfort of your living room. They allow … source

GYM Full Body Workout | Best Exercises for Women

Warming up before training is important because it helps improve your flexibility and mobility, and helps reduce the risk of injury. By stretching the muscles … source

The PERFECT GYM Body Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

1 STANDING SHOULDER PRESS 3 Sets, 12,10,8 Reps, 2 Min Rest 2 REVERSE HACK RDL to SQUAT 3 Sets, 12,10,8 Reps, 2 Min Rest 3 DUMBBELL ROW 3 … source


These home exercises will help you train your arms, shoulders, back, Chest, Core, Abs, Legs, Glutes. Perform each exercise as shown in the video. By training … source

Total BODY WORKOUT for Women!! Fitness GYM Exercise

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when starting to work out (or jumping back into exercise after taking a break), is that they want to go right into the … source

GYM FULL BODY WORKOUT (Back Biceps Hams Glutes)

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to the Gym! If you’re just getting started in the gym (or starting over), use this routine for 4 weeks straight. It will create intensity, … source

Booty & Leg Workout using Dumbbells | Bigger Booty | Do It At Home or Gym

BUILD YOUR BOOTY and tone your legs with this workout! You can do this workout at the gym or at home. You don’t have to use dumbbells if you’re new to … source


Workout anytime. Anywhere. You don’t have to buy any complicated fitness contraptions destined to be door stoppers. Just watch the videos follow along. source