BeastMode The Rules Of Calisthenics | Barstarzz Podcast 6

“I’m not thinking about no robberies, I’m not thinking about anything stupid” – Beast aka Lord Vital Get your health checked from home: Sponsored By LetsGetChecked Use coupon code “BARSTARZZ” to get 20% off the entire store. If you watched calisthenics on youtube in the early 2000s then you know who he is. Accomplishing such […]

Original Calisthenics Workouts – Jel SoFresh | Muscle Madness

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My Calisthenics, All Natural Body Transformation

You never would have guessed @Adnandadkhan couldn’t do a single pull up. He sent 1 message. We replied with 1 message with a link. The very next message, 12 weeks later he was shredded! ⁣ ⁣ Doing pull ups, handstand push ups, plyo push ups like it was nothing! It was amazing to see. Do […]

How Your Mentality Can Sabotage Your Calisthenics Snoop | Barstarzz Podcast 12

“It was all mental, I was super intimidated. I’d walk to a spot or see someone on instagram and judge them like they are way stronger than me. My weak mental was limiting me” – Snoop (@snooop_fam1st) Today our guest is Snoop. A frequent face on the calisthenics rep scene. He has competed and won […]

How An Injury Changed Calisthenics For Dejan Stipke Forever #15

“I remember waking up and just checking my hands there was blood pouring down. My teeth were like jelly.” – Dejan Stipić Dejan Stipić is a former gymnast, 2x National Champion (Serbia), Placed TOP 3 at Street Workout & Calisthenics World Cup Super Final, Placed TOP 10 at World Championship, Placed 2nd at the famous […]

The Calisthenics Documentary, Keto, Fasting Rain Bennett #16

“It was visually stunning, its what caught my eye first. What made me want to tell the story of it was the heart of the culture of it. It was getting people off the streets, out of gangs, off of drugs. Turning their lives around through bodyweight exercise” – Rain Bennett Rain Bennett is a […]

10 MIN Calisthenics Bodyweight WORKOUT

1. Hyperextension twists 3×12 2. Elevated side crunch into plank 3×10 each 3. Hyperextension snow angels 3×12 4. Reverse crunch lifts 3×12 5. Plank get up … source