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LUSH Giveaway & Gossiping?!

GIVEAWAY ENDS NEXT WEEK JUNE 7! Have a better title for this video? Leave it in the comment’s below! (along with your comment entry!) Guru Mentioned in … source

Fall Haul: Forever 21 & Makeup!

All music in this video is by Tyler Ward: ♥ Tyler’s YouTube: I have personal … source

Healthy Simple Spring Snack Ideas!

thank you SO much for watching ~ thumbs up for more healthy videos!! 🙂 check out Quest Nutrition! 🙂 Twitter: … source

November Favorites 2012!!

Happy Almost December! Christmas & New Years here we come!!! 😀 Live chat tomorrow at 5:00 PST on TinyChat! Beauty … source

❄ Holiday Mash-Up Tag!? ❄

What should I name this video?!?! 😀 ❄❄❄❄❄❄ yay for snowflakes hehehee 😉 ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ Questions: Favorite Winter nail polish? Favorite Winter lip product? source

November Favorites!

BreeLovesLinks! ♥ AND YOU! ♥ * Twitter: * Tumblr: Products: Benefit Watt’s … source

My 2012 Favorites! ★

Thanks for everything 2012! 2013, here we come! 😀 PS please excuse my crazy eyebrows (again) I’m trying to grow them out so I can go get them … source

Conscious Box Unboxing!! ♥

Thank you for watching!! So glad you all loved the Conscious Box just as much as me!! 🙂 Loooots of new videos soon! (do you have any specific requests? leave … source

IMATS HAUL! & Giveaway!

I want to get to know YOU, so follow ME! VLOG CHANNEL! Twitter: Instagram! source

Getting Ready: Fall Edition! ♥

It’s time to get readaaaayyyyy 😉 WOO HOO 😀 Music by Jake Coco! “Blue Eyed Butterfly” * I have personal … source