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Why run 100 miles during a five-day fast? – Diet Doctor Podcast with Dr. Ian Lake

As a physician, Dr. Ian Lake broke free of dietary guidelines to treat his own type 1 diabetes and prove he could do better than standard care with a low-carb … source

Italian keto meatballs with mozzarella cheese

Tomato sauce, rich and comforting. Mozzarella, fresh and creamy. Meatballs, with just the right touch of onion and oregano. It’s like spaghetti night, without the … source

Fasting may be as effective as cutting calories

A new study shows that intermittent fasting works for weight loss. Why are these conclusions different from the intermittent fasting study last week? The details … source

Low-carb peanut butter cookies in less than 20min!

Want to whip up some cookies at the last minute to serve your guests with their coffee? Or just want to simplify life? This recipe is so super fast and easy that … source

Save time and money by batch cooking freezer meals — Diet Doctor Explores

This episode of Diet Doctor Explores considers which foods freeze best and how best to store them in the freezer so that you’re rewarded with quick meals for … source

How should we react to news that is contrary to what we believe?

A recent study on intermittent fasting forced me to question what I believe to be true. While I disagree with the media conclusions to the study, the process was … source

Did a keto diet kill Mishti Mukherjee?

Did eating a keto diet contribute to the untimely death of Bollywood star Mishti Mukherjee? An accusatory post from Times of India suggests that may be the case … source

Tuna zoodle salad • Quick and keto!

This keto recipe combines hardboiled eggs, canned tuna, sliced tomatoes and crisp, fresh zucchini zoodles in a mayonnaise sauce. It’s refreshing and satisfying, … source

Staying active during the coronavirus pandemic

Want to begin exercising in the comfort of your own home? Let’s Get Moving, our video exercise course for beginners, will help you to get started. Find our … source

Spinach and artichoke soup

The flavor combination of spinach and artichokes in a cream sauce makes a popular dip, but did you know they make a great-tasting low-carb soup, too? Better … source