Changing landscape for low carb

There is a changing landscape for low-carb nutrition as more mainstream institutions recognize it as a safe and effective treatment for many chronic diseases. source

Intense 25 min Full Body FAT BURNING Workout 🙋‍♀️| No Jumping Beginner Friendly

It’s the 2019 Summer Shred Challenge! Time to burn that belly fat away, lose weight in time to get that summer body! This full body workout is 25 mins long, has … source

Fitness Hacks That I ACTUALLY Use! Start A Healthy Lifestyle!

I hope you enjoyed these fitness hacks and that it motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle! xo Cambria Joy thumbs up for more health style videos! 🙂 TWITTER … source

Cumin Seeds Water For Weight Loss | Lose 1kg In 2 Days – Jeera Water For Weight Loss

Cumin Seeds Water For Weight Loss | Jeera Water For Quick Weight Loss | Lose 1kg In 2 Days | Cumin Water for Weight Loss Recipe | Jeera Drink/ Cumin … source


When it comes to slimming down and toning up, there are two key types of workouts: cardio, which burns calories by raising your heart rate, and strength training … source

The LCHF Conference in Cape Town 2015

Do you wish you could have been at the greatest LCHF conference ever? Here’s five minutes from it. Learn more about low-carb high-fat diets at … source

How do we win the battle against sugar? – Diet Doctor Insights

Sugar might taste sweet, but its effect on health is not so pleasant. Sugar has been closely linked to increased rates of chronic disease, especially type 2 … source

Ulla Holmgren om diabetes och LCHF

Hur man blir av med astma, diabetes och 32 kilo. Intervju under LCHF-konferensen 25/4. source

Fatty liver: saturated fat or sugar?

Does eating fat or sugar cause fatty liver? A new study suggests it is saturated fat, but as we often see, the details don’t necessarily support the conclusion. source

I Walked 15,000 Steps everyday for 30 days | Skinnier thighs? Weight Loss?

So I tried walking 15000 steps a day for an entire month! Did i maintain my weight? Did i get any weight loss? How much calories did i burn? did my calves or … source