Ultimate Weight Loss & Detox Plan + Tea + FREE Gift ★★★★★


  • Benefits

  •  Weight Loss
  •  Energize
  •  Soothing
  •  Detoxifying

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The Weight Loss & Detox Plan + Tea & Supplements bundle offers your body an improved triglyceride profile, enhanced weight management, a host of antioxidants, and the promotion of a healthy immune system. Drink better. Feel better.

How It Works

Step 1: AM Tea

Start your morning right. Drink our AM Tea with your breakfast and it will help you kick-start your metabolism! We don’t sweeten our tea with processed sugar like other brands, but you can always add a couple of spoons of honey!

Step 2: Sleepy Tea

Say hello to our Detox inspired Skinny PM Sleepy Tea! – Drink this tea an hour before you’re ready to hit the hay! Recover from a long day and wake up energized and refreshed to tackle the day strong!

Step 3: Detox

Want to detox? Use our Detox Water Guide along with our EPA Friendly Skinny Detox Water Bottle to carry with you during your day. The anti-oxidants in the recipes you find in your guide are better than anything else! Be the envy of the office with your Detox Water!

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