Nutrii – #1 Organic Super Greens + Probiotics + Digestive Enzymes, Turmeric and Ashwagandha Infused, Veggie Superfood, Antioxidant, Vegan Supplement, Amazing Lemon/Mint Flavor (10.89oz, 30 Serv) ★★★★★


Made from fresh, organic ingredients, our Lemon/Mint Greens flavor will leave you wanting more. Start your day right with a health formula that is packed with probiotics and enzymes to help with digestion, and infused with the powerful, ancient medicinal herbs of turmeric and ashwaghanda. These ingredients can help reduce inflammation and help promote weight loss.

Promote Healthy Digestion

A blend of 100% organic probiotics provides the “beneficial” enzymes and bacteria needed for your stomach to extract maximum nutrition from greens.

Healthier Skin

Adding Probiotics to Greens may help naturally treat skin problems like eczema and psoriasis


0 Grams of sugar will help avoid the “crash” like other greens.

Supports Healthy Immune Function

Nutrii Greens is an amazing source of the antioxidants that includes naturally sourced herbs that promote healthy detoxification and immune function.

Boost Brain Power

Nutrii Greens has the purest, food sourced minerals and vitamins to fuel your brain that helps support focus, clear thinking and an overall healthy vitality.

Weight Loss

Nutrii Greens has added fiber which helps satiate hunger, encouraging fat loss.

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About the product
  • Customize the sweetness! More water = Less sweet (Organic Stevia). 100% ORGANIC SUPER GREENS with key enzymes and probiotics!
  • DIGESTIVE SUPPORT to ensure you’re giving your stomach what it needs to help absorb what your body is taking in quickly and easily. Plus it will help you feeling amazing.
  • Infused with Turmeric which is a powerful anti inflammatory and antioxidant. We also included Ashwagandha, known to help with stress and assist with hormonal balance.
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A. – LAB TESTED AND VERIFIED Super Greens powder to help ensure you’re getting what your body needs.
  • “Contains: Wheat”. Please note- this is on the product label and is triggered by the ingredient wheatgrass. For those sensitive to gluten, the consensus seems to be that wheatgrass does not contain gluten. However, we do recommend that our customers do their own research on wheatgrass if they are sensitive to gluten.
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