Keto Diet Pills – Exogenous Ketones 800mg Beta-Hydroxybutyrate BHB Keto Supplement for Weight Loss and Easy Transition Into Ketosis (1 Month Supply) by Survival Potentials ★★★★★


1. With 800mg of BHB salts in our propriety blend per serving, we provide the perfect amount of extra ketones without any fillers or unnecessary ingredients. You can also experiment with just taking half a serving (1 capsule) to see how your body reacts. Be careful of taking too much BHB salts at once (such as 2,000+ mg from other brands) as this can be unhealthy for your body.

2. No “As Seen On Shark Tank” scam. Many other brands claim to be from Shark Tank which is not true. Be careful of other brands on Amazon with harmful filler ingredients or fake claims..

3. Our Keto Supplement is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility and we are GMP Certified so you know you are getting a high-quality product. We also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our products!

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About the product
  • KETO DIET’S BEST FRIEND: if you are currently on Keto or similar diet, you know it can be hard to transition and stay in Ketosis (the state of burning fat instead of carbs). Keto Diet pills give you that extra boost of premium exogenous ketones so your body can get into and stay in Ketosis faster and easier.
  • 800 MG BHB PER SERVING: the perfect amount of high-quality BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) is included in our Keto Diet vitamin supplements, giving you more value and bang for your buck than other competitors (be careful of taking too much BHB per serving as this can be wasteful and unhealthy for your body).
  • PERFECT FOR MEN AND WOMEN: our BHB Keto pills are made for men or women and work great in combination with healthy exercise and diet, such as the Ketogenic Diet or other low carb diets such as Paleo, LCHF, or Atkins Diet.
  • BURN FAT FAST: using diet alone it can be tough to get into and stay into a ketogenic fat-burning state. Our Keto BHB Supplement allows you to increase your ketone levels through BHB, so even if you have a cheat meal you’ll still be burning fat throughout the day.
  • INCREASE ENERGY & BRAIN FUNCTION: enjoy the benefits of mental clarity, clean sustained energy all day, improved memory and cognitive function, and more physical stamina all thanks to our premium proprietary blend of beta-hydroxybutrate ketones from Calcium, Magnesium, and Sodium.
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