Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) for a Leaner Look and Improved Weight Loss!


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CLA is naturally found in food sources that we are often encouraged to limit, such as red meat and dairy products, due to their high saturated fat and cholesterol content. A CLA supplement, however, is a practical way to get the benefits without all the extra cholesterol and fat.

In fact, CLA works against these nutrients we want to reduce. CLA is a fat-burning supplement that enhances muscle building, boosts metabolism rates, and stabilizes our blood sugar levels. These benefits will improve your fitness, increase weight loss, and even improve your blood test results. How? CLA has been shown to help control cholesterol levels. Lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels not only to impress your doctor but also to prevent or control heart and cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis.

The improved metabolism rates caused by CLA aid weight loss, obesity prevention, and offer support for thyroid conditions with slow metabolism rates, such as hypothyroidism.

CLA supplementation is also beneficial for glycemic control or blood sugar control. The better our bodies balance blood sugar, the better our bodies will burn fat.

CLA carries antioxidant activity that boosts immune system function, lessens the effects of food allergies, and plays a role in breast cancer prevention. Recent studies show that CLA can reduce inflammation and has proven helpful in Crohn’s Disease, colon, and rectal cancer; and that its use has resulted in fewer severe attacks in people with chronic asthma.

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