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3 x 60 pill Bottle White Kidney Bean Extract

700mg capsule 5:1 ratio

3 month Supply BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

White Kidney Bean is a potent carb blocker and is extracted from natural white kidney bean and works by preventing the enzyme alpha Amylase from breaking down carbohydrates into sugar which is the root cause of weight gain and fat mass.

Studies show that white kidney bean extract helps to inhibit the amylase enzyme in your stomach. Amylase is responsible for processing the starch into sugar, so by reducing the effectiveness of this enzyme temporarily before a meal the sugar will be passed through your body naturally to reduce the calorific impact. This enables this product to be suitable for everyone.

White kidney beans are a type of legume that contain a protein substance called Phaseolamin, which experts suggest can help to reduce the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches. The high-fibre content of white kidney beans also means that they may help you feel fuller for longer and they have long been taken to support healthy weight loss diets. This also helps for you digestive system, contributing to a healthier stomach. We grow this product fresh so you really will not find a purer product on the market.


We have invested considerable finance in producing our totally organic factory in the Northern Region of Thailand where the herbs grow in their natural habitat – What does this mean for you? – You are not buying from a re-seller, you are buying direct, therefore you know you are getting the actual product and not fillers etc

We are registered with the Thai Goverment – What does this mean to you? – We are independently audited and our products are tested, we have displayed some of our certificates (PLEASE SEE LISTING PICTURES), and we welcome visitors to our factory, this makes us unique in the market and to other sellers.

Do you care about what you are taking – We do, therefor please consider many sellers are buying this product from a third party, who cannot confirm what is really in the product. We can, and take pride in what we do, and have invested in our facilities to offer the market a direct way to purchase the best products.

Why are you cheaper? – We can offer great prices, because we are not a reseller.

I can buy this product locally and will get it quicker?  – Correct you will have to wait slightly longer than buying in your local country to receive your order, however along with your cost saving, you can be assured the product you are taking is the best available on the market, therefor we believe it is worth the wait

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