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How to Exercise for Moms

If you’re like most moms, squeezing in a simple shower can feel like a luxury–which means less pressing to-dos like figuring out how to exercise are pretty far down on the list of priorities. But while motherhood makes it a little (okay, a lot) harder to fit in a workout, getting in even just a […]

Stressed Out? How to Know If It’s Too Much

Feeling stressed out? A little bit of stress is not so bad: It can help keep you alert, on task, and ready to react in an emergency. It’s only when stress becomes chronic, however, that it wreak havoc on your health. Your body will feel the effects; it can impact your mood, change your behavior—and […]

Healthy Pizza Recipes | The Leaf Nutrisystem Blog

Pizza holds the top spot on your list of favorite foods: The zesty sauce, tender crust—and all. that. cheese. When you’re trying to lose weight, you know picking up a pie from your favorite shop can derail your goals. But it’s tough to give up that little slice of heaven. Guess what? You don’t have […]

Pinwheel Recipes: A Mouthwatering Trend

Pinwheel recipes are easy to make and even more fun to eat. It’s no wonder they’re the hottest trend in sandwiches. All you have to do is roll and slice, and you’ve got a lovely presentation that almost looks too good to eat—almost. With some of the delectable pinwheel recipes out there, you certainly wouldn’t […]

Smartphones and Weight Loss | The Leaf Nutrisystem Blog

It’s incredible how quickly smartphones took over our world—and how much time we’re spending on them. Recent statistics, published by Pew Research Center, indicate that 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone, an increase from 64 percent in 2015. And we don’t just have them in our pockets and purses—we’re using them for an average […]

Burger Recipes: Healthier Grilling Season

If it’s summer, it must be burger time! If you’re not as excited about that since you started your weight loss journey, get ready to rejoice. Burger recipes are still on the menu when you’re on the Nutrisystem program. They’re even on the menu if you’re a vegetarian or just trying to cut back on […]

Healthy Dessert Recipes for July 4th

Declare your independence from diet-destroying desserts, and give these healthy dessert recipes featuring a red, white and blue twist a try. Each one features fresh, seasonal fruit and a few other easy ingredients. And while they make a perfectly themed treat to bring to patriotic parties and barbecues, these healthy dessert recipes are way too […]

Low Calorie Condiments for the BBQ

You can still enjoy the delicious fun of summertime cookouts and stay on track with your weight loss goal. We have lots of lower-calorie ideas to help you do that, such as 5 Better for You Burger Recipes You’ll Love >  and Healthier Potato Salad> But while you are choosing healthy dishes like those, be […]

Gut Health and Weight Loss│The Leaf Nutrisystem Blog

Gut health—we hear all about it. But did you know your gut health can affect your weight loss? According to PLOS Biology, scientists estimate that you’re carrying around 38 trillion bacteria, which is 800 billion more bacterial cells than you have human cells. It’s so much bacteria, in fact, that it weighs about .44 pounds […]