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Healthier Halloween Candy | The Leaf Nutrisystem Blog

If you’re trying to lose weight, Halloween can be really scary: There’s candy everywhere! And even if you’re loading up on fiber to stay full and staying on your meal plan, willpower will only get you so far—if you’ve got a sweet tooth, those fun-sized temptations are bound to lead to candy cravings and lead […]

Beets: Health Benefits & Recipes

When it comes to nutritional value, the beet cannot be beat! These vibrant root vegetables are sweet in taste but actually rank low to medium in the Glycemic index. Therefore, eating them won’t lead to quick spikes in your blood glucose levels like eating other sugars would.Digging deeper into these bulbous beauties tells us that […]

4 Simple Changes That Help You Lose Weight

Healthy habits have everything to do with weight loss. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg and are looking for lifestyle tips that aid the fast weight loss process, get started with the following advice.  Follow Motivational Accounts on Social Media Add a few health-minded accounts to your Instagram, Twitter, and or Facebook feeds. Look […]

11 Healthy Bread Recipes for Baking Season

The aroma of fresh-baked bread makes your home feel just a little cozier when the weather outside turns chilly. Eating bread straight from the oven warms you up from the inside out, too. But maybe you have heard that you have to avoid all bread recipes when you’re trying to eat healthy and lose extra […]

Binge Eating: Tips to Bounce Back

Parties, holidays, birthdays, bad days—sometimes a binge happens. Even to people who know the dangers so well, like LeeAnn Kindness, Jeff Chiarelli and Deanna Otranto from the Nutrisystem team of nutritionists and weight loss pros. We asked them to tell us about their smartest strategies for getting back on track after a bout of unhealthy […]

5 “Healthy” Snacks That Hinder Weight Loss Efforts

There are plenty of snacks that seem healthier than chips and cookies, but are actually detrimental to weight loss and overall health. Review five of the worst offenders here to help revamp your diet now that you’re taking Phentermine 37.5mg.  Fruit Bars These snack bars might be a little healthier than their artificial counterparts, but […]

Stress Eating and Weight Gain | Mindful Eating

Do you have days when everything seems to be happening at once, when everyone is in need of your attention, when you just can’t catch up with your to-do list? In our busy, multi-tasking lives, stress is almost unavoidable. And that’s not always a bad thing. Stress can be a positive force to help you […]

4 More Breakfast Habits That Help You Lose 5 Pounds

Help yourself continue your five-pound-loss goal with more breakfast tips that make it easy. You’ll give Phentermine 37.5mg the chance to do its job at an optimal level.  Always Try To Eat Something If you’re among those who “just aren’t hungry” in the morning, it’s still a good idea to eat something healthy.  “Kickstart your […]