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How to Rock Bright Nails This Fall

Bright and bold can totally be a mood for fall. This month’s editorial theme is all about stepping outside your comfort zone, so even for those of us who love a nude mani, colorful nails are actually more wearable than you might think! On top of that, they add the perfect touch of play to […]

20 Handbags We Want for Fall 2019

What’s in when it comes to handbags this season? Top handles, most definitely. Oh, and shoulder bags too. Then again, the convenience of crossbodies and belt bags are still en vogue. And backpacks – do those ever really go out of style? Looking at material, we’re seeing soft leathers in classic neutrals more than ever… […]

How to Meditate on Your Commute

“I just don’t have time to meditate.”  If you’re like me, this is your knee-jerk response to the constant messages that meditation can improve seemingly all areas of life. Countless studies have proven the benefits of meditation to treat stress, anxiety, and the many illnesses associated with both.  And what I’ve learned through experience is […]