4 Ways to Celebrate Small Victories At Work

Recently, my company reached a big milestone. The thing that was different with this one? We actually took time as a team to recognize it by hitting a local restaurant for a long lunch to discuss our plans for the coming year—both personal and professional—and we reveled in this milestone. It got me thinking that we […]

10 Spritz Cocktails That Make Summer Even Sweeter

The easy to make — and even easier to drink — spritz cocktail is having a moment this summer, and for good reason. Low in alcohol, refreshing, and with day-drinking levels of ease, spritzes have quickly made their way to the top as MVP cocktail of choice for the hot weather months. A spritz is typically some […]

The Top 10 Total-Body Medicine Ball Workouts

A gym without a medicine ball is like a basketball court with no hoops, yet often they get overlooked. Medicine balls are wondrously simple tools for improving your functional fitness. While there are plenty of medicine ball exercises to choose from, I’ve gathered my favorite 10 that can be peppered into your current routine to […]

9 Fat Trap Habits to Avoid at the Office

If yours is anything like ours, the office is like one big fat trap that can negatively affect your weight loss. Scary stuff considering that most Americans spend more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else. All that office time isn’t just giving you money, it could also be giving you fat. According […]

3 Resume Tips To Help You Stand Out & Land The Job

Is there anything more tedious than updating your resume? No, not really. But preparing your resume for a job search doesn’t have to be as tedious as it was in the past. I know your head is spinning with resume advice on length, format, and professional summaries, but I want to help you streamline the […]

What Meditation Taught Me About Savoring the Moment

Living in Los Angeles, I often find myself accidentally stumbling into “extreme wellness situations” — think networking events that turn into emotionally fueled kundalini yoga sessions and the $40 jar of Manuka honey sitting in my kitchen cabinet. But I wouldn’t call myself a wellness junkie. I’m skeptical by default, and nine times out of […]

Watermelon-Cucumber Salad with Feta – The Real Food Dietitians

Jul 30, 2019By Jessica Beacom Got watermelon? Try something new with this Watermelon-Cucumber Salad with Feta for an unexpectedly delicious, sweet-savory side dish that just screams “summer.” Got melons? Melons of all kinds are coming in hot right now at farmer’s markets, roadside stands, CSA boxes and supermarkets across North America as we reach the […]

8 Tiny Kitchen Tweaks for Big Weight Loss Results

Your new secret weight loss weapon: Reorganizing your kitchen. You may think that keeping snacks out of sight is a “duh” tip, but there have actually been well-done research studies proving that it really works. Here are a few other scientifically vetted housekeeping suggestions that may also help you peel off the pounds:1. Clear the […]