Valentine’s Day: 5 Tips to Love Your Body

With so much emphasis on love around Valentine’s Day, we’d like to suggest that you turn your love inward and think about some ways that you can love yourself and your body. Whether you are just starting out with a healthier lifestyle or you’ve been at it for a while now, you likely know that […]

How to Make Space For Yourself This Year

I started off the new year with a clear but simple resolution: take up space for myself. To some, this may seem a little silly or even confusing, but as I welcomed my daughter into the world this past August and celebrated my son’s fourth birthday in September, it became increasingly apparent that I had […]

Our 10 Favorite Meal Prep Recipes

Jan 28, 2020By Jessica Beacom We love meal prepping and these are our 10 favorite meal prep recipes (read: the ones we come back to again and again). Time well spent. If you’re new around here (welcome!) you may have noticed that we talk a lot about meal prepping. And if you’ve been around for […]

How to Feel Confident After a Career Stumble

Any kind of career stumble – whether it’s a big pitch that didn’t go well or losing your job all together – is usually destined to knock your confidence back a few notches. And that’s exactly what happened to me this time last year, when I was laid off from my glossy magazine job. Though […]

4 Things You Never Knew Can Make You Feel Bloated

A few weeks back we sat down with Danielle Capalino, MSPH, RD Registered Dietition and Nutrtitionist to chat about IBS and chronic stomach pain. She’s dedicated her career to studying the relationship between the brain and the gut, and loves nothing more than helping people suffering from digestive issues reclaim their bodies (and their social lives.) She’s […]

5 Weekend Habits That Make for a Stress-Free Week

There’s no denying that the work week is stressful. It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, boss, or coworkers—there are still a thousand small ways to feel flustered and frantic Monday through Friday. But as we’re all aware, there are only so many hours in the day. And there seems to be even […]