16 Best Summer Punch Recipes

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: There’s no more surefire way to make a party one for the books than by mixing up a big bowl of fruity summer punch. Of the booze-y variety. Since I’ve shared my signature holiday punch recipes before (that company party just got a whole lot more interesting), thought […]

How to Plan the Ultimate Girlfriend Road Trip

When one of my closest childhood friends announced she’d be driving across the country this summer, I jumped at the chance to join her for a road trip — as did two of the other members of the girl group we ran with in high school. Though none of us had spent more than a […]

How to Exercise for Moms

If you’re like most moms, squeezing in a simple shower can feel like a luxury–which means less pressing to-dos like figuring out how to exercise are pretty far down on the list of priorities. But while motherhood makes it a little (okay, a lot) harder to fit in a workout, getting in even just a […]

10 Screened-In Porches We’re Obsessed With

Think screened-in porches are reserved for sweet tea drinking and traditional living? Think again. Nowadays, the indoor/outdoor spaces serve as a practical beat-the-heat solution fit for any home type — Hawaiian beach cottage and Marfa desert house included. When it comes to enduring a blistering summer, having a screened in porch comes in second only […]

7 Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I have friends and family members who — no joke — order a slice of cake as an appetizer at dinner. There are those of us who just need that fix. If this describes you, it might be time to finally take control of your cravings (rather […]

15 Easy Marinade Recipes – The Real Food Dietitians

Jul 16, 2019By The Real Food Dietitians Boost the flavor and tenderness of your chicken, steak or pork with ease and keep kitchen time to a minimum with these 15 Easy Marinade Recipes. If you eat meat you know how monotonous eating the same protein over and over can get. That’s why we constantly strive […]

Stressed Out? How to Know If It’s Too Much

Feeling stressed out? A little bit of stress is not so bad: It can help keep you alert, on task, and ready to react in an emergency. It’s only when stress becomes chronic, however, that it wreak havoc on your health. Your body will feel the effects; it can impact your mood, change your behavior—and […]