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How to Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

It’s possible that you may have hit a roadblock on your weight loss journey in the form of self sabotage. We can sometimes be our own worst enemies when it comes to reaching our goals. Many times we let fear and old habits stand in the way of success. Self-sabotage has so much to do […]

Healthiest Nuts to Add to Your Diet

If you want to lose belly fat and improve your heart health, go nuts—literally. Adding more nuts and seeds to your diet can give your daily nutrition more monounsaturated fats, according to research conducted by Penn State University. Diets rich in these “good” fats, like the “Mediterranean diet,” have been shown to reduce belly fat […]

Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Is there anything more discouraging than stepping on the scale after a week of dieting and exercise and getting a sense of déjà vu? “Isn’t this what I weighed last week?” Or worse, “Eeek! I gained two pounds!”Yes, it could be water weight. But there are some other, more surprising reasons you may not be […]

Summer Skin Care: Tips and Tricks

Like it or not, summer can take a toll on your skin. The harsh effects of the sun and your body’s sweat can have a negative impact. But they don’t have to!  With just a little bit of forethought, there are some easy summer skin care tips to keep your skin glowing—even in the hottest […]

17 Guilt-Free Dessert Recipes

Dessert—quite possibly the eighth wonder of the world—sometimes gets a bad rap for packing on the calories. But here at Nutrisystem, we believe that dessert doesn’t have to demolish your healthy diet. In fact, we know there are plenty of ways to indulge without maxing out on calories or feeling the guilt that normally goes […]

Menu Makeover: 5 Food Swaps that Save on Sugar

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Americans eat too much sugar. Scary stuff considering excess sugar consumption is linked to cancer, metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes and cavities. And, a study published the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine in 2014 found that excessive sugar consumption can double your risk of […]

Egg Recipes to Start Your Morning off Right

Eggs have gotten a bad rap. It’s true they’re high in cholesterol, but everyone responds to cholesterol differently. Eggs don’t raise cholesterol for about 70 percent of us, say scientists at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. In fact, studies have found that eating eggs can raise your good cholesterol—HDL—which […]

Hydrating Foods for Warm Weather

It’s hot! Which means it’s easier than ever to get dehydrated. That can have consequences for your health and for your enjoyment of summer activities—exercising while dehydrated can result in dizziness and cramps, so it’s important to load up on hydrating foods. It can also effect your performance while you move: According to Human Kinetics, […]