5 Ways to Get Energized If You Didn’t Get Enough Sleep

First off, I am a major advocate of getting adequate sleep. Sleep is the way our body restores itself from sickness, enhances cognition and focus, and even helps our bodies maintain a healthy weight, so consistently getting good sleep is probably the single most important step we can take towards health and vitality. And as […]

Work From Home: Tips to Stay Active

Every day, millions of Americans go to work without leaving their homes. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, about 20 percent of those who work from home for at least a few hours a day are full- or part-time employees. About 50 percent are self-employed. But starting in March 2020, the medical […]

15 Must-Have Sneakers for This Spring

While I’m keeping busy with work and a few home projects during my quarantined time at home, I’m daydreaming about spring days ahead surrounded by family and friends: happy hours, dining al fresco, exploring new shops across town… I realize now that there are so many simple things I took for granted before all of this […]

Lounge In Style In One Of These 10 Sweat Sets

You know you’ve made it into adulthood when your “home clothes” look is put together. That doesn’t have to mean cascading down your terrace in a silk caftan and chunky jewelry, it simply means you’ve traded in your oversized cotton tee-shirts and athletic shorts for something slightly more composed. Case in point: a matching sweat […]

7 Ways Social Media Can Help You Lose Weight

The internet: It’s not just about cute cat videos and political arguments any more. If you haven’t opened up a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, you want to do it this week. A number of research studies have found that in addition to helping you improve your eating habits and motivate you to exercise, social […]

Congee is the Hug-In-A-Bowl We All Need Right Now

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is currently staring at their pantry, trying to figure out if there’s a new way to use the staple ingredients on the shelves. Pasta, beans, rice — they’re all great, but can get a little boring. In my search for ways to use my pantry staples in interesting […]

9 Healthy Quinoa Recipes – The Real Food Dietitians

Mar 26, 2020By Stacie Hassing A pantry staple is put to good use in these 9 Healthy Quinoa Recipes. This budget-friendly, gluten-free grain substitute makes for a tasty, healthy and hearty addition to salads, sides, bakes or burgers!  Pantry staples for the win. As we continue to practice social distancing and are encouraged to stay home […]

7 Ways to Stay Connected While Social Distancing

Hey friends. How are we all doing? One thing I’ve come to learn very quickly during this time: it’s okay to not feel okay. And it’s also just fine if you’re in high spirits and feeling hopeful. And you’re allowed to change your mind as often as you want. However you feel during this time, […]